Somatic movement therapies, massage and bodywork, 
and kinesiology studies for better bodies and active living.

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"To activate this photo slider, place curser over arrows. Photos are of from EMS classes, private lessons, massage practice, and life in Colorado.  There are a few stock photos, but overall, what you see are real people doing real things at Educational Movement Systems. No posing, really! Enjoy!"

- a message from Mary Ann, EMS founder and creator

Located at the base of Longs Peak in Longmont, Colorado, Educational Movement Systems is Mary Ann Foster's business as a massage therapist, movement instructor, and professional writer. 
Mary Ann specializes in private sessions and classes for clients, massage therapists, dancers, or anybody who wants tools to relieve chronic pain and improve posture, health, and performance. 

About Mary Ann

Mary Ann Foster, BA, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist, somatic movement educator, and author of Somatic Patterning (EMS Press LLC, 2004) and Therapeutic Kinesiology (Pearson, 2012). 


Specializing in bodywork and movement studies designed for  people who want to change chronic muscle and pain patterns.

In practice since 1981. Experience matters!

at the corner of Jotipa and Sheramdi

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10903 Jotipa Drive    
Longmont, Colorado 80503 USA


A bodywork practitioner class