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        Mary Ann Foster, BA,
manager Educational Movement Systems, LLC

Mary Ann  is a somatic movement educator who specializes in teaching people anatomically-based  exercises, with an emphasis on postural muscle training, body mechanics, and self-care.

She offers easy-to-understand exercises for improving posture and movement and preventing injuries. Her body-mind approach is grounded by in science, she weaves kinesiology concepts and anatomical knowledge into practical applications for improving how you sit, stand, walk, and move your body.  

Mary Ann believes in the important of balance in stabilizing and mobilizing the body hile improving joint flexibility and overall muscular balance.  To this end, her "postural flute" routine shows people how to systematically engage core muscles to stabilize the spine and protect it from injury. Her "kines warm-up" takes all the major joints and muscles through a full range of movement in all three planes.

​Her work is great for chronic holding patterns that hurt your spine and improving overall performance in any activity. In private sessions, she help clients solve those nagging movement problems left over from old injuries or chronic pain episodes. ​After recently retiring from a 43 year massage therapy practice, her focus now is working with yoga enthusiasts and active seniors who want to delve deeper into the wisdom of the body. 

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