Pain-Free Posture
A home-study course with Mary Ann Foster

Guaranteed, if you put in the time and effort, you will finish this course feeling better than when you started, in body, mind, and spirit!

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what works and what goes

Welcome to “Pain-Free Posture” a home study course with people with active lifestyles who want to keep them. This practical, research-based course based on core stabilization application and movement treatments that are proven to get results! There are multiple benefits of these exercises and this core movement systems.

  • They help you heal from movement or postural strain, pain, and repetitive injury.

  • They improve joint and muscle patterns to help you to move better and avoid injury.

  • They will improve performance in any activity you engage in, from activities of daily living---sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and bending—to sports, recreation, dance, etc…

Most people know more about how their gadgets work than how their bodies work. Pain-free posture is like a user’s guide to the body, a road map to betters way to sit, stand, walk, and move that has helps thousands of students over the year, to alleviate aches and pain from chronic muscular tensions, faulty postures, and movement injuries.

The pain-free posture exercises will also help you survive a sit-down job, which is very important because sitting is the new smoking in its effect on quality of life and life-span, and crucial during this pandemic when so many people are working online and suffering from zoom butt coupled with computer neck.

It is only logical that a self-help guide for improving joint and muscle function be based on medical knowledge about what goes wrong with the body and how to fix it. For this reason, pain-free posture draws on anatomy and kinesiology lessons--the science of human human movement, to let you know exactly how muscles and joints 

work. The pain-free posture exercises are widely used in rehabilitation for recovery from musculoskeletal injuries as well as posture and movement issues. With this course, you’ll learn to engage core muscles unconsciously, which will protect your back from injuries and strains associated with faulty posture and movement habits.


My course balances cognitive and experiential approaches, so that  your body becomes your learning the laboratory. You get to  learn about your anatomy while reprogramming your body for better posture and performance.  You can apply this material to improve everything you do that involves body movement, from sitting, standing, lifting, walking to any sports or performance activities you want to improve. Guaranteed, if you put in the time and effort, you’ll finish this course feeling better than when you started, on all levels!


Each lesson comes with

  • an illustrated booklet (average 18-22 pages), that you can download

  • 6 months of online access to a video library demonstrating the exercises

  • power point slides that provide the name, objectives of, and instructions for each power point slide.  


Lesson 1               Optimal Posture and Joint Neutral

Lesson 2               Postural Muscle Activation and Breathing


coming soon

Lesson 3               Abdominal Muscles in Layers

Lesson 4               Lumbar Muscles and Lower Back Protection

Lesson 5               Posterior Spinal Muscle Activation and Coordination

Lesson 6               Head and Neck Stability and Range of Motion

Lesson 7               Scapula Positioning for Stress-Free Shoulders

about the author

Mary Ann Foster has been teaching therapeutic posture and movement exercises since 1983. She has taught diverse populations, including children and seniors. She has extensive training in somatic movement therapies (including dance, Laban movement analysis and certifications in Rolfing movement and Body-Mind Centering). She has taught kinesiology and movement/body mechanics classes for massage therapy  programs for 30 years, has written two textbooks seminal textbooks and penned many columns on these topics for massage and bodywork magazine, and has been a national presenter for health professionals who specialize in manual therapy and exercise science. Until the pandemic hit, Mary Ann ran a private practice she started in 1981, and since 2011 has specialized in bodywork and kinesiology-based movement courses for circus performers and aerial dancers. She's also teaches CE courses for licensed massage therapists.

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