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At the Kines101 lab,
we believe that movement heals and
that health care begins with self-care.

Kines101 is a multi-dimensional educational approach to help you unlock the secrets of your anatomy and boost your body knowledge with practical tools and logical exercises for aligning and balancing the body. Somatic (body-mind) exercises and movement meditations stretches hard-to-get places, loosens stiff joints, and activates and tones core muscles. 


The Kines 101 movement lab is great for:

- Learning the science of movement while getting to know
your body and fine-tuning your posture and movement

- Transforming your body into a learning laboratory
and solving thorny movement problems

- Alleviating chronic pain, rehab from surgeries and injuries,
and reducing arthritic pain

- Helping active seniors maintain and and enhance active lifestyles

After practicing these routines, you'll feel more put together than when you started, plus, having gone through a range of therapeutic movement exercises , you'll feel instant results. 


Here's what one friend said about Maryann routines:

"Best overall body tune-up I've found."


"After practicing these exercises, I can garden longer without back pain."


"Yoga teachers and coaches often stress how important good posture is, but rarely do they actually break down into the many components of our muscles and joints. Mary Ann guides you through the science of posture and movement with focused concepts and anatomically sound-images that guide your success."


"Maryann offers practical applications that make biomechanics easy-to-understand, so you can work out chronic body problems on your own and boost physical performance in anything you do!"


The Kines101 warm-up is  education you can feel! The kines 101 movement routines incorporates easy and effective exercises designed to take all your major muscles and joints through a full range of movement in all three planes. They are incredibly effective in activating and energizing muscular balance, improving posture and body awareness, and building the knowledge base we need to prevent injury from faulty form. They provide instant results that you can see and feel, stretching achy muscles, loosening stiff joints, realigning the bones, and alleviating pain!   

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Note: FFP Kines pages are restricted to the professional track
students in the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance training program. 

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