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Somatic movement therapies, massage and bodywork, 
and kinesiology studies for better bodies and active living.

Hi, I'm Maryann Foster and I created educational movement systems (EMS) to help people with posture and body problems.  I  share kinesiology-based exercises and somatic patterning skills in both movement classes and private bodywork or movement assessment sessions. 

I've been teaching anatomy and kinesiology, as well as body mechanics,  for many years to movers and manual therapists and have written several textbooks on these topics. My passion is combining movement education with hands-on guidance and bodywork to alleviate chronic pain from faulty patterns and performance issues. My textbooks are chock full of useful exercises for active movers looking for a deeper dive into how the body works. 

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Mary Ann Foster, BA, LMT
author . bodyworker . teacher . publisher
general manager of EMS Press, LLC

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