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Private Posture and
Movement S

Personalized sessions can be done in-person or over zoom. If you are interested in a session appointment, please contact me to set up an appointment. 

Before each session, I will send you guidelines about what to wear, what kind of set-up you will need for zoom sessions,  and what to expect. 

During the sessions, I will be providing hands-on guidance to guide your body as you move.  I will also give you specific feedback about your posture, and ask you to do easy yet specific movement tests to check range of motion and engage certain muscles successfully. My goal is to help you leave every session feeling better than when you started.

​All private sessions includes exercises for 

  • Neuromuscular patterning to change stubborn posture and movement patterns that cause pain and discomfort

  • Core muscle activation for better overall alignment, balance, body awareness and control, and general health

  • Functional joint motion for improving structural realignment and body awareness 

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 I often have clients lie on a table so I can integrate hands-on guidance during active movement techniques to rewire your neuromuscular system and help improve muscle recruitment patterns. I then direct clients to do specific core muscle isometrics or movements to engage specific muscles while I guide you to lengthen overworking muscles and activate sleepy core muscles.