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Somatic Movement Therapies 

  • Neuromuscular patterning for changing stubborn posture and movement patterns that cause pain and discomfort

  • Core muscle activation for better overall alignment, balance, body awareness and control, and general health

  • Functional joint accessing for improving structural realignment and body awareness 

sports postural assessment.jpg

Massage and Bodywork Sessions

With over 5000 hours of training and certifications from a number of different massage and bodywork programs, I draw on an array of techniques to address your needs. From years of teaching kinesiology and massage modality classes, I have an in depth understanding of anatomy and offer specific work to alleviate chronic muscle and joint pain. I also have years of clinical experience helping clients recover with sports injuries, whiplash, headaches, arthritis, surgeries, and accidents.


The type of treatment I give you will depend on your goals and your condition. I use a combination of following techniques:

  • Trigger point therapy and neural tension stretching for chronic muscle and nerve pain relief and recovery 

  • Craniosacral for deep relaxation and pain relief 

  • Lymphatic drainage for relaxation and revitalization

Neuromuscular patterning  (NMP) is my specialty. It integrates bodywork with active movement techniques for better results. In a NMP session, I direct the client to do specific core muscle isometrics or movements to engage specific muscles while I do hands-on release techniques to lengthen overworking muscles. Working together with our active participation boosts effectiveness

and produces longer-lasting results. 

The benefits of NMP include

  • improves body awareness and core engagement skills

  • realigns posture and cultivates economy of motion

  • relieves chronic pain from muscular tension 

  • reduces and prevents repetitive-use injuries

  • improves joint flexibility and range of motion 

  • improves dance and athletic performance

Client is actively engaging abdominals to lengthen lower back and protect lumbar spine during twisting motions.