At Kines101, we believe that movement heals and that health care begins with self-care.

Kines101 is a multi-dimensional educational approach to help you unlock the secrets of your anatomy and boost your body knowledge with practical tools and exercises for aligning and balancing the body.


In Kines101, you get to learn the science of movement while changing your own body patterns with somatic (body-mind) exercises and movement practices that transform your body into your learning laboratory.

Students of Kines101 always leave practice routines, courses, and sessions feeling more put together than when they started, having gone through a range of therapeutic movement exercises that provide instant results.  As one client put it, "teachers always tell you how important good posture is, but rarely do they explain what it is. Mary Ann guides you through the science of posture and movement, with practical applications that make biomechanics easy to understand and gives your tools to work out chronic body problems and boost physical performance in anything you do!"


Kines 101 approaches education and personal growth through multiple channels. 

  • Short anatomy-kinsiology lessons designed to help you understand how bony levers and muscular pulleys best work to improve posture and movement efficiency during your daily activities.

  • Life-sized muscle models that will help you better visual the muscles, bones and joints. Whether you are a yoga or movement teacher, an athlete or dancer, a bodyworker or health care professional, or just an anatomy geek who wants to understand the body better, the muscle models will skyrocket your understanding of anatomy and kinesiology.

  • The Kines101 warm-up, a movement routine that incorporates easy and effective exercises designed to take all your major muscles and joints through a full range of movement in all three planes. These practical exercises can be done sitting, standing or lying down. They are incredibly effective in waking-up and activating core muscles, improving posture and body awareness, and building the knowledge base we need to prevent injury from faulty form. They provide instant results that you can see and feel, stretching achy muscles, loosening stiff joints, realigning the bones, and alleviating pain!   

  • Private zoom lessons to assess your posture and movement and give you personalized routine you can review on a  video of the session. 

  • Kines classes where you learn about each body part with an integration of anatomy-kinesiology lessons and practical exercises for improving your posture and movement patterns.   

  • Home study courses such as "Pain-Free Posture

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Note: FFP Kines pages are restricted to the professional track students in the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance 2020 training program.