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Cranial Sacral Therapy

 What is the cranial sacral system?​

The cranial sacral system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, and the fascial membranes containing both. Cranial sacral therapy releases fascial restrictions in the membranes so that there is more room for fluids to circulate around the brain and the spinal cord

Fascia is a connective tissue that wraps every muscle, bone, nerve, and organ in the body. Restrictions occur from chronic muscular holding, injuries, and illnesses, which  create scar tissue in the fascia  that restrict movement and circulation. Fascial restrictions, especially in the cranial sacral system, can lead to chronic pain, fatigue, and overall discomfort.




 I often have clients lie on a table so I can integrate hands-on guidance during active movement techniques to rewire your neuromuscular system and help improve muscle recruitment patterns. I then direct clients to do specific core muscle isometrics or movements to engage specific muscles while I guide you to lengthen overworking muscles and activate sleepy core muscles.

Demo of Neuromuscular  Patterning

Demo of Neuromuscular Patterning

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Client is actively engaging abdominals to lengthen lower back and protect lumbar spine during twisting motions.

I'll guide you through a full range of movement in all three plans to help you access those hard to get places and solve movement problems that limit your activities and cause chronic pain.  Working together with our active participation boosts effectiveness and produces longer-lasting results. 

Benefits include

  • improves body awareness and core engagement skills

  • realigns posture and cultivates economy of motion

  • relieves chronic pain from muscular tension 

  • reduces and prevents repetitive-use injuries

  • improves joint flexibility and range of motion 

  • improves dance and athletic performance


“Mary Ann has a storehouse of anatomically-based information, she taught me little tricks for how move more efficiently and avoid common injuries from bad habits I didn’t even know I had."


“Mary Ann uses awesome models of muscles and joints to give you a clear image of what’s going on inside your body.”


“Mary Ann help me find postural muscles I didn’t know I had. My body is finally understanding what it needs to do to stand up straight!”


“Mary Ann showed me simple and practical alignment exercises I can do at work, while I’m traveling, and even while I’m working out.”


“My connection with my body increased immensely after a single session. I became more aware of where muscle were overworking or not working at all.”

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