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Somatic Patterning - digital copy

Somatic Patterning - digital copy

Somatic Patterning is chock-full of exercises and tips for alleviating persistent muscular pain associated with faulty patterns of posture and movement. It provides many methods and body-mind techniques effective in releasing chronic muscular guarding and tension caused by undue stress and/or injuries and physical traumas. 


Somatic Patterning can help you stay active longer. Buy a copy today. Your body will thank you for it!



    Somatic Patterning is the first book of its kind to provide a comprehensive overview of the somatic field. It will save you time and money because it consolidates diverse information about somatics from the groundbreaking body-mind therapies, as well as traditional information about patterning based on biomechanics.


    Somatic Patterning covers a broad array of topics, including working with reflexes and developmental patterning to change deep-seated patterns, patterning joint and muscles function to improve efficiency and performance, and exploring organic and fluid movement approaches to release deep levels of stress. SP also presents exercises based on the latest research for training postural muscles to achieve joint stability.


    Somatic Patterning is well documented with a comprehensive history, glossary, endnotes, bibliography, and index. It has over 500 photos and illustrations, and many excellent features that make it a user-friendly sourcebook. Special features include a bridge to practice box for massage therapists and bodyworkers, links to practical application, and body stories (case studies).


    Table of Contents



    Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Somatic Patterns and Movement  

    Chapter 2: Movement Problems, Holding Patterns, and Pain    

    Chapter 3: Somatic Patterning Roots, Concepts, and Methods  

    Chapter 4: Balancing Patterning Approaches    

    Chapter 5: The Patterning Process   


    Chapter 6: Organic and Fluid Movement   

    Chapter 7: Developmental Patterning   

    Chapter 8: Neuromuscular Patterning   

    Chapter 9: Postural Stabilization   

    Chapter 10: Fundamental Movement Patterns   


    Chapter 11: Integrative Movement Modalities   

    Chapter 12: Integrative Manual Therapies   

    Chapter 13: Physiological Patterning  

    Chapter 14: Behavioral and Cognitive Patterning   

    Chapter 15: Body-Based Psychotherapy   






    ISBN 0-9713700-01

    PDF 8.5" x 11"FORMAT

    Password encrypted format

    414 pages,  $29.95 digital version


    Refund Policy

    Digital book purchases can be returned for a full refund before they are downloaded. Once downloaded, no returns are possible. 


    Book Formatting

    To to maintain the integrity of the exercises in Somatic Patterning, digital copies are formatted in a 8.5" x 11" PDF and are best read on a tablet or computer. We cannot guarantee that it will work on smaller reader.


    Password Protection

    To avoid theft, Somatic Patterning e-books are password protected, which means it requires a password to open at every use.

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