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Movement Artists

Private consultations for aerialists, dancers, Pilates, and Yoga teachers; personal trainers and athletic people, runners and climbers, or anyone who wants or needs a kinesiology-based movement assessment and corrective strategies.


During these personalized sessions, we will meet over zoom for 90 minutes. I'll take a short health history and ask you to do several movements so I can assess your patterns. Then I'll guide you through a series of movement tests specific to your body issue. Each test is also a therapeutic exercise to correct what it is testing, which creates instant results that clients are usually able to see and feel.

These sessions are great for help with body issues associated with muscle tension from chronic injuries and stubborn holding problems! Protocol focuses on improving range of movement in each plane, muscular balance and joint flexibility, and core engagement exercises for spinal stability and injury prevention. 

I will record the session and send you the
video link so that you will have a routine to practice at home.


Call today for a free 20 minute consultation!

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