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Public Classes

About  Private Movement Lessons

Aging bodies can be like old cars. Our parts start wearing out and require more and more maintenance to keep going. Minor breakdowns can slow us down, and when we get behind in self-care, injuries side-line us. 
These private movement lessons are for people who want to sustain active lifestyles. In both, we work together to unlock the secrets of your anatomy using dynamic and intelligent kinesiology-based exercises. (Kinesiology is the science of movement, specifically of muscle and joint function.) All exercises are research-based and they respect the unique architecture of the human body.  

The private lessons with Mary Ann are tailored to your personal needs. They can help you with body issues associated with muscle tension from chronic injuries and stubborn holding problems.  In each private lesson, we will focus on improving range of movement in each plane, muscular balance and joint flexibility, and core engagement exercises for spinal stability and injury prevention.


Semi-private movement lessons are also available.

Simply bring a friend and split the cost.

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